Improve the appearance of your car

JDA Customs offer a wide variety of exterior upgrades.

Our exterior upgrade options include a range of body and styling enhancements, such as custom bumpers or facelifts, grills, arch extensions, vents, lights, wheels, splitters, spoilers, diffusers and any other unique accenting that can transform the look of your vehicle. 

We can also perform mechanical alterations such as suspension upgrades, performance brakes including brake calliper colour change and additional improvements you may need.

porsche gt3 grid
Aston Martin gt4 wrap
Asta Tools van livery
Irrigonics van wrap


We can source and install aftermarket rims for almost any car. Talk to our team to discuss options and availability.

If you are happy with your current wheels but want to change the colour, we are here to help. Our professional technicians are on hand to do full colour changes, powder coating, diamond-cut wheels, and split-rims. We also have the facility to do wheel refurbishments, see our repairs page.

We love to work on exciting exterior vehicle upgrades and, with our years of knowledge and experience, just contact our team for the best advice and suggestions on how to get your car looking incredible. Bespoke custom vehicle builds are available upon request. For more information contact us

01709 252340


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