Transform the look of your vehicle with our blackout packs. Deleting the chrome areas, usually in gloss or matt black, can give your car a fresh, classy appearance. We can de-chrome any areas that you desire, depending on the style you want to achieve. 

Prices starting from:

Full Window Surrounds – From £180

Wing Mirrors – From £85

Badges – From £35

Full Black Packs – From £300

porsche gt3 grid
Aston Martin gt4 wrap
Asta Tools van livery
Irrigonics van wrap

benefits of wrapping your vehicle.

  • More cost-effective than paint.
  • More options (including carbon fibre) are available.
  • Upgrade the appearance of your car with subtle accents and black packs.
  • Offers some protection.
  • Easily removable with no damage to paintwork.


    Vinyl wrap can be applied to as many or as few surfaces as you desire. This includes; wing mirrors, the roof, the bonnet or even adding some extra detail with stripes or shapes.

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